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The HouLau Story is about more than chocolate.  It's much more personal than that.

It's about Sally's and Howard's GRAND ADVENTURE!

HouLau means "new leaf".  The Farm is a means of reinventing ourselves.  It's about our quest to write the next chapter of our lives within the rich culture and incomparable beauty of Kauai...and, to make "the best chocolate in the world". 


We both loved gardening but neither of us had had any experience creating or running a farm, much less, growing cacao trees or making chocolate.  It's been a labor of love.

Though it is "our" story, it's woven into a tapestry of support and assistance from an untold number of others.  It is to each and every person who has contributed our dream; from family and friends, professionals, laborers, store clerks, others in the chocolate industry, and to our visitors that we dedicate our chocolate.  It has truly taken a village to bring our dream this far.

For those who are interested, follow the links below to find out more about the farm, the factory and our chocolate.  

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