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Our product line is growing!  Largely through Sally's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication, we now have a variety of HouLau Farm vanilla products and crystalized-ginger medallions.

Cacao and Chocolate:

Our own, Kauai grown and processed, 70% HouLau Farm dark chocolate in 50gm bars. 


HouLau Farm roasted nibs in 2oz bags.

HouLau Farm "brewing chocolate":  2oz. packets of coarse-ground roasted, 100% cacao nibs used to make a yummy chocolate drink in the manner of making brewed coffee (French press..NOT a percolator).  Season with honey, cinnamon, cream...  Makes three cups per packet.


If you're lucky, we will occasionally have Sally's Special pacalolo, "just" luscious chocolate brownies with chunks of our chocolate inside and sprinkled with our delicious 100% pure-cocoa nibs.


Aaand...occasionally, HouLau Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies.



Vanilla beans, grown and processed on HouLau Farm:

A Grade:  3-pc.

B Grade:  4-pc.

C Grade:  6-pc.


Vanilla Extract:

2oz. and 4oz. bottles


Crystallized Ginger Medallions:


Prices: new a/o 10/8/22

70% chocolate bars

2oz. Cacao Nibs

2oz. Brewing Chocolate




  $7.00     $7.00



Vanilla Extract: 2oz


A-grade Vanilla Beans: 3-pc.

B-grade Vanilla Beans: 4-pc.

C-grade Vanilla Beans: 6-pc.

Crystallized Ginger Medallions







At present, we have no retail outlets for our products.  If you're interested in purchasing, please just contact Sally or Howard and we'll work out the details.

Similarly, being a small operation, we will periodically run short of some items.  Just ask.  If we're out, we may be able to make some more to meet your request.

We do ship our products (except vanilla extract), and charge the base price plus shipping.

To order, contact Sally or Howard.  We'll take it from there!


Sally       (c): 801-540-4164

Howard (c): 801-725-0680


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